Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you’re enjoying your day off and getting time to spend with friends and family and doing cool stuff!

Today started off great! I went to the gym early in the morning ran a couple miles, then went to the park and walked about 2 miles and the insane Heat . I would’ve woke up earlier, however yesterday I was trying to win a weekend Virgin Pulse Friends Challenge and was behind on steps. I went to the gym late and then also walked a couple miles around the neighborhood just before midnight so I can see my steps. Luckily I did because the person in first place and added some additional steps to exclamation point that additional walking around the neighborhood put me over the edge and I finished at about 20,033 plus steps for the day while the former number one person was it about 17,402.

I saw that there was only 5 to 10 minutes before midnight so I knew it was pretty much impossible for them to go out and run and catch up and win.

These are some of the crazy things that I do in order to get to that number one spot. It keeps me motivated and it’s fun to have some competition. I’m really grateful for the other people that have stepped up their game with these high numbers of steps, because it pushes me to go further. Had those numbers not been so high I probably just would have sat on the couch skipped the gym and never walked around my neighborhood.

If you haven’t already be sure to join the Virgin Pulse friends step challenge, or connect with your friends on your Fitbit and join a Fitbit friends step challenge.

Right now it’s about 3:25 p.m. and I have 13,533 steps so I still have a way to go to get the 20,000. I’ll make sure that I hit it in the next few hours so I don’t get stuck running around the track at the gym at 11:30 at night. Everything comes down to math and the desire to make it happen. In the grand scheme of things I know this really isn’t significant, however all of these days of 20,000 steps are 10,000 steps confounded overtime I know is going to result in a healthier version of me that had I done nothing.

You can see the same thing it’s all just putting things in perspective.

My original intention was to go to the Hoover Dam and walk the historic railroad trail. That would have easily been 18,000 + steps, however my commute there is about 45 minutes so round trip we’ve got an hour and a half. The other thing to consider, I only slept about 4 hours I was up pretty late because I was still getting in steps late last night and couldn’t fall asleep. On top of all that, it was going to be 108 degrees today and with that extreme heat I decided to scrap that idea of going to the dam.

Sometimes you have to be flexible and change up your game plan. It made more sense for me to stay close to home, save some time by hitting the gym and stay in the air condition.


Lesson:     You can enjoy your day off, celebrate the Fourth of July and still commit some time to hit the gym, walk around the block or go to the park. Making something important and priority is where it all happens.


Happy Fourth of July!!


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